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Excellent reporting once again; it is really good to read you and Glenn Greenwald taking compatible positions on this important developing situation. It is also encouraging to know that you intend to write a series(?) of articles concerning this historical debacle and its perpetrators.

Thanks again for what you do, both here and at the GRAYZONE.🤔☠

As Usual,


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Thank you - a great day. But -- Biden administration is full of Russia-gate hoax conspirators. Among them is Hillary campaign's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan — now President Biden's National Security Advisor.

Sullivan was a member of the team that concocted the Russia-gate scam of the century and has played a role in destruction of Trump’s National Security Advisor, a distinguished general Michael Flynn (whom narcissist Obama abhorred). The persecution and insults to Mike Flynn still continue to this day:

Chase bank just cancelled credit card of US general, Michael Flynn.

Reason given: Flynn is a "reputation risk"....

Truly an outrage – always remember Obama’s bank mega-gangsters and their “reputation”.

The Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russia-gate Wing of U.S. Media

The DOJ's new charging document, approved by Biden's Attorney General, sheds bright light onto the Russia-gate fraud and how journalistic corruption was key.


PS: I am sure that Hunter Biden has all his credit cards - full of money "earned" by Biden-family corruption.

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Looking forward to the "did Russia really hack the DNC?" part . . .

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Welcome news, but I think it’s wrong to suggest this was just a matter of Hillary and Co wanting to smear Trump, fake op research, take Trump down etc.. It’s more nuanced.

The whole Five Eyes sprang into action in order to entrap Trump associates as well. Top Australian officials were involved, top British and MI6 agents were involved. The whole get Trump operation was a coup attempt by the Anglo-American financial establishment using their “Five Eyes” and their many tentacles that reach deep into the corporate world, academia, finance, government etc…

The UK intelligence agencies especially played a key role and actually shaped a good deal of the narrative. They were not just “assisting.” The fact that there were slimy political op research goons involved doesn’t change the fact that the whole Russiagate thing was coordinated by the top echelons of the Five Eyes.

Why is this important?

Because it reveals the wider extent and level to which the Anglo American intelligence apparatus operates, how it does, and how it always has.

The Iraq war scandal is another example of how this octopus operates. Who created the Iraq WMD narrative? It was catalyzed by a “dodgy dossier” put out by MI6, at that time headed by Sir Richard Dearlove. Dear Love was Christopher Steele’s mentor… What about the Syria debacle? Who was charged with staging chemical weapons attacks? White helmets? We know who controls that too.

It’s a small world.

None of this is coincidence. If people actually understand how this Anglo-American financial establishment operates, then one can understand how it manifests in various places and corridors of power, what its various nodes are across various sectors of society, including academia, finance, the corporate world, the vast web of charities, private family foundations, and “think-tanks.”

It controls both the neocons and neoliberals.

To quote from a recent piece entitled “Understanding the Tri-fold Nature of the Deep State”:

The Trifold Deep State

In my past two articles in this series, I discussed how a new system of political economy was established by Benjamin Franklin and his disciples in the wake of the war of independence driven by protectionism, national banking and internal improvements.

I also demonstrated that the rise of the thing known as today’s “deep state” can also be understood as a three-headed beast which arose in its earliest incarnation under the leadership of arch traitor Aaron Burr who established Wall Street, killed Alexander Hamilton and devoted his life to the cause of dissolving the union. After having been caught in the act of sabotage, Burr escaped arrest in 1807 by running off to England where he live in Jeremy Bentham’s mansion for 5 years, only to return to oversee a new plot to break up the union that eventually boiled over in 1860.

The three prongs of the operation that Burr led on behalf of British intelligence and which remains active to this very day, can loosely be described as follows:

-The Anglo-Canadian establishment that arose in the wake of the “United Empire Loyalists” who left the rebelling colonies in 1776 to found English speaking Canada and who were soon labelled as the “Family Compact” by republican revolutionary William Lyon Mackenzie and which ultimately managed the eventual creation of the Rhodes Trust under George Parkin and his heirs.

-The Eastern Establishment families sometimes known as the Essex Junto who took control of Hamilton’s Federalist Party. These were Empire Loyalists who remained within the USA under the illusion of loyalty to the constitution, but always adherent to a British Imperial world order and devoted to eventually undermining it from within. These were the circles that brought the USA into Britain’s Opium trade against China as junior partners in crime and who promoted the dissolution of the union as early as 1800 under the leadership of Aaron Burr.

-The “Virginia Junto”, slave owning aristocracy which also worked with Aaron Burr in his 1807 secessionist plot and whose alliance with the British Empire was instrumental in its rise to power from 1828-1860. This was the structure that soon returned to power, after the civil war, under the guiding hand of such Mazzini-connected “Young Americans” as KKK founder Albert Pike and the Southern establishment that later executed nationalist presidents in 1880, 1901 and in 1963.”


While there are many moving parts, this thing can be understood by looking at how it transformed over time, like slime mold, to become the kind of operation we see today. Both the FBI and CIA were created as tools to advance the agenda of this same old Anglo-American establishment. So nothing they do should surprise us. It’s by design.

The more that design becomes clear, the sooner it can be defeated. These kinds of operations cannot exist when a sustained and bright light it kept on them for very long.

Despite the dangers that come with that, more and more people are starting to see that it’s worth it.

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Excellent reporting, as always. I cannot wait for the continued unraveling of Clinton/Mook/Podesta's #RussiaGate conspiracy story. At some point, we shall get to Julian Assange and Seth Rich, unless, of course, the Podesta's have buried the botched robbery case deep in the unsolved murder files in D.C. (same Capitol Police who botched the 1/6 insurrection).

I also want to know why Rupert Murdoch stroked a seven-figure check to the Rich family last year but admitted no wrongdoing by Sean Hannity.

There are a few missing pieces, but I do not doubt that you and Glenn will get to the entire Clinton cover-up story. I can remember Barack Obama campaigning for DWS in Florida against a progressive candidate after being fired for interfering in the 2016 Primary Election.

Barack's "let them eat cake moment" recently tells me all I need to know. If it wasn't for Michele's embracing the war criminal GWB, they might have pulled it off. But it's all sociopathic theater for that crowd. No conscience to be found.

What did Shakespeare say, "Hell is empty, all the devils are here." ;)

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I'm not a Trump fan ... but this stuff dismays, and bothers me deeply. For me, this confirms the zero trust I have in what the libertarians call "The Cathedral." But even with that confirmation, comes sadness that so many of the institutions I grew up trusting ("Colin Powell is such an honorable man, he'd not lie about WMDs") aren't worth bothering following, let alone trusting.

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One might wonder if this opens up an avenue (or perhaps boulevard or highway) for various nefarious actors and actresses in the Marionette Media to be sued and sued and sued and ruined in the process. While some might get off from criminal prosecution, the same groups might be taken to task for civil torts. Not a legal beagle but eagerly anticipating the unfolding of events as a result of one of the characters being challenged to make more and more revelations. ;)

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Excellent reporting. Thank you for digging in and doing what others are not.

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It's always a conspiracy theory. Until it isn't.

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I'd trust boneheaded journalists like Franklin Forr more if they admitted they got duped and was just trying to be the first with the scoop... but they never retract and never apologize, which makes them accomplices in manufacturing consent. Ignorance and looking to get ahead in your profession is one thing, but if truth isnt your ultimate goal in journalism..... then you shouldnt be a journalist.

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Thanks, Aaron, for a great job reporting on the indictment. This is the easy part, no doubt, but it still makes for some very satisfying reading.

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As you first reported, Shawn Henry of CrowdStrike admitted under oath during his closed congressional testimony— which was hidden from the public for 2+ years!— that there was never any, “concrete evidence,” that the DNC was hacked by anyone, let alone the Russians, only “circumstantial evidence.”

➡️ https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2020/05/13/hidden_over_2_years_dem_cyber-firms_sworn_testimony_it_had_no_proof_of_russian_hack_of_dnc_123596.html

Pop some popcorn because this movie is finally starting to get good.


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I am interested to know who the unnamed tech executive is? Any guesses?

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Hey Aaron, I'm a new Canadian journalist, who wants to report on Canada's foreign policy, Big Tech/Silicon Valley and a bit of Antitrust/Monopoly stuff. I'm wondering what are the biggest tips and tricks you would offer to new journalists? I posted my first article here on Substack about why Canada needs Dimitri Lascaris as the Green Party leader. https://foggyswoggle.substack.com/

You can email me at theblairherrellshow@gmail.com if you'd be so kind to offer any advice. Thanks so much for what you do, you're slowly becoming a hero of mine <3

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Where’s part 2???

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Hillary is mentally screwed up as Joke Biden. It's not about the people's needs it's about their ego's.

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