Know the EMBEZZLING SCAM the US has been doing when it takes over countries! That is how we end the reign of sociopathic money ADDICTS chasing endless "money fixes" of FIAT government money by:

- lying us into wars

- doing mass incarceration in "privatized" prisons

- setting up health insurance companies to embezzle from government rather than giving us actual healthcare for all

- mandating vaxes

- setting up the systems for digital IDs, carbon tracking, ESG, social credit, 15-minute cities, and more.

It is CRUCIAL for us to know the EMBEZZLING SCAM the US has done in all countries it takes over. The overview/exposé below is just 6 paragraphs, and shows us what is behind the curtain of lies they dupe us with. Information is power, and knowing what the scammers hide from us will mean we can do good OFFENSE and be effective in fighting the corrupt liars, not just keep reacting as the sociopaths continue to escalate their tyranny and oppression, and take everything from us.

Here is what the US criminals have done all over the world, since WW2:

1. Take over a country by coup, assassination, lies about government being corrupt or by threat or invasion so they can...

2. Implement their EMBEZZLING scam of "privatization", taking over government services & systems and national assets so the corrupt liars can handle fiat government money & BILL THE GOVERNMENT ANY AMOUNT for running such things; they provide themselves with massive exec salaries and insanely high profits, becoming oligarchs and billionaires.

3. Lie to the public ENDLESSLY to keep us duped.

4. Praise leaders who submit to US corruption & demonize leaders who RESIST or reverse it - like Putin, who reversed the US plundering done under US puppet Yeltsin, like Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, like Gaddafi wanting things nationalized and government money going to THE PEOPLE, like Morales in Bolivia, like Assad who said NO to a US pipeline through Syria, and so on.

We also need to know that the demonization of both Russia and China is part of the multipronged US sabotage of the BRICS coalition since 2006. The greedy sociopathic money ADDICTS hate that those two countries are doing fair deals with other countries and helping them escape US control, corruption, privatization and loansharking.

Also, vax co's & digital ID systems to control & subjugate us are "privatized" (as are quarantine camps). The scheme was to get TRILLIONS from many govts FOREVER while arranging to squash us so we could never rise up to stop their corruption, tyranny and inhumanity. They tried many pandemics previously to enrich themselves with government money; this was the most coordinated one - and used the most coercion.

More specifics re "privatization" embezzling: Yes, in general a government can issue ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible; the corrupt know this and have used that knowledge to scam the public and embezzle government money. They take over government services, conning the public about "saving money" and being "more efficient", but those are lies. The costs actually become higher because the corrupt liars overbill the govt for everything, billing ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and insanely high profits, as already mentioned. And they give us REDUCED services, because their sociopathic greed and money addiction means they take more for themselves and do not supply what they are supposed to supply for us.

Basically, the US has built a global corruption cartel, taking over countries (and their media) to EMBEZZLE from their governments. The UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand were coopted and corrupted in the 70s-80s; the massive embezzling that ensued by taking over the many dozens of government services, support systems, assets and resources they had is what gave rise to the billionaire class in the 80s!

We need a successful INTERVENTION on the lunatic money addicts in power who lie, destroy and KILL for more "money fixes". They are totally UNFIT TO GOVERN and should face charges of dereliction of duty, violating the Constitution, embezzling federal money, crimes against humanity, violating the Nuremberg code, war crimes and more.

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Bravo !!

Outstanding and much needed article – about current criminality of and shame for the US – Feb. 28

The Red Scare 2.0: Russophobia in America Today (scottritterextra.com)


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Great interview until Sy Hersh states in the last minute that Putin's invasion of Ukraine was provoked but inexcusable.

The truth is that the U.S. used violent ultra-Russophobic extremists to drive Viktor Yanukovych out of office on Feb. 21, 2014 because he had succeeded in having his "non-bloc" policy of geopolitical neutrality incorporated into Ukraine's constitution in 2010 and had no interest in Ukraine joining NATO. (The U.S. also overthrew Yanukovych's first presidency of Ukraine with its 2004 "Orange Revolution".)

The U.S.'s proxy Russophobic killers immediately went on to launch a war to ethnically cleanse the Donbas of ethnic-Russian Ukrainians. Anyone who thinks the U.S. would not intervene militarily to stop state-sponsored killing of Americans somewhere is living in a fantasy. This was in 2014, and Russia did not invade until 2022, because Russians, unlike Americans, respect their adversaries, take diplomacy seriously, and negotiate in good faith. After 8 years of sincere efforts to end the violence in the Donbas diplomatically, when it was finally clear that all the Americans understand is force and that Americans' word means nothing, Mr. Putin finally, reluctantly, moved his troops into Ukraine.

Americans need to understand that in Russian culture, the "Motherland" revolves around the idea that the Russian people are a family-- in a deep, spiritual, heartfelt sense -- not just words -- similarly to how indigenous people feel that plants and animals are their relations (which they are, for us, too, and for everyone except capitalist psychopaths whose family and gods are dollars).

Russia's initial incursion into Ukraine was intended as a show of force to demonstrate that the Russians were serious about ending the Donbas war and would use violence to stop it if necessary. This was not an all-out invasion like the U.S. Shock and Awe operation in Iraq, which destroyed pretty much all Iraqi civilian infrastructure and killed tens of thousands of civilians in the course of 20 days. President Putin did not want to damage Ukraine, kill Ukrainians, or remove the government in Kyiv. He wanted the violence in the Donbas to stop, Ukraine to declare neutrality, and the U.S. and its NATO vassals to back off from his borders.

Americans have one hell of a nerve disparaging Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine after exhausting, over a period of 8 years, every other available avenue to stop the killing of ethnic-Russian Ukrainians and the relentless U.S. aggression toward his country. The U.S. has killed at least 20 million people in wars of aggression, coups, and other violent criminal acts since WWII, and after every one, it casually forgets all about it and moves on to its next set of crimes against humanity.

Vladimir Putin is defending his people and his country from U.S. aggression. His invasion of Ukraine was not only provoked, it was justified.

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Thank you as always appreciated. If I were the Big Planner I would give Seymour Hersh 50 more years of investigating journalism

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If your son is a soldier and dead,

And Ukraine is the country he died in,

You better get this in your head:

You gave up his life for Joe Biden.

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Excellent interview!

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Former US mercenary in Ukraine talks war crimes and CIA involvement | RT exclusive (Mar. 1, 2023)

John McIntyre: Former Mercenary in Ukraine / RT Interview -- OUTSTANDING

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Where exactly in the interview does Hersh say that the US bombed the Nord Stream "to prolong the Ukraine proxy war?" I agree with that statement (the interview's title), but don't really see where Hersh says this.

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Good interview. And you didn’t fan boy out 😁. Not always easy to do when you talk to someone you admire. Thanks for posting.

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The real reinstitution of the Soviet Union is in fact, NATO, the WEF, EU -- led by the US.. ;-))

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