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Rice, Gates, Graham, Biden, the whole lot of them including Zelensky are a bunch of psychopaths. They're pushing a neocon agenda and their ultimate goal is to oust Putin and weaken Russia, and these creeps with their bull sh*t want to claim their agenda is noble. They may rationalize what they do, as they did with our wars in the Middle East, which killed millions, destroyed whole countries, where they were even more barbaric in their onslaughts. It is unfortunate that the media is so complicit in blinding Americans to how disgusting we can be. Ollie North from the last post by Mate rationalized his killer position by saying the war in Ukraine is giving people back home jobs making weapons. I hope there is a hell and a pitch fork waiting for each of them, and there are many who are pushing the same agenda.

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Former French Prime Minister Francois Hollande recently confirmed Merkel's remarks that the Minsk agreements were to stall for time so that Ukraine could build up its military forces: https://kyivindependent.com/national/hollande-there-will-only-be-a-way-out-of-the-conflict-when-russia-fails-on-the-ground

(I haven't seen this mentioned in the US media)

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We know what kind of blowback supporting Osama bin Laden and other like-minded fanatics in their campaign against "Soviet aggression" in Afghanistan generated. One shutters to think what will come of supporting the Nazis in Ukraine, regardless of whether they win or lose!

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Aaron Maté right on target and I appreciate that he looked at both sides of the Angela Merkel issue

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Kiev regime has be recently pushing the argument that since 85% of Ukrainians want to continue the war, they are doing so. Although that may be true at the beguiling of the ‘22 escalations, I doubt that numbers they are stating are from an independent pooling agencies.

I doubt that there is 85% of population of Ukraine, that remained in the Kiev controlled parts, that is not supporting negotiations. By now, this tragedy must have affected everyone that the country, as surely everyone know someone who was drafted and never returned, or that they are missing for months. I believe their NATO masters are telling them to push that lie, as it will make it very hard to push, for the war at their homes, that Ukrainians themselves want ended.

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There has never been a different outcome than war. This is what NATO planned from the collapse of the USSR. It seems even GWH Bush was, as Angela Merkel, totally dishonest. The only fools here were the Russians who BELIEVED the USG b.s. I can testify that the Russians in the brightest ranks saw no "evil" in USG endeavors. The Americans threw away their leadership through stupidity and greed. How sad.

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As fantastic as your investigative journalism has been over the years it's a huge bonus to have candid commentary and wit as substitute for Jimmy Dore.. huge shoes you fill beautifully!

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“The German and France-brokered Minsk process, Petro argues, were “good faith efforts to bring the hostilities to an end, at least to accomplish a ceasefire from which then further negotiations could be pursued.” The main obstacle, in Petro’s view, came from Ukraine’s far-right Ukrainian nationalists and their allies in Washington, “who basically dismissed the Minsk accords as a non-starter,” and unrealistically sought Ukraine’s complete recapture not only of the Donbas but Crimea as well.”

Well, maybe the French and Germans were pushed around by the US (actually, this is a near certainty) but they did sign the accords and were supposed to pressure the Ukrainians to abide by the Minsk accords. They were co-signatories as was the UN. But they did NOTHING to advance the accords. Nothing. So maybe they did sign in good faith but they did nothing to honor their signatures. More good faith efforts like this will sink any chance of diplomacy ever as the signatories signatures are worth nothing whatsoever. The French and/or the Germans could have prevented this war by simply doing what they agreed to do. They didnt. They are as responsible for this disaster as the US, maybe more.

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My last episode quotes extensively from your last article, Aaron, along with Glenn Greenwald, Matt Ehret and James Corbett. It attempts to answer the question I posted on your last thread:

"What I continue to struggle with is whether the Ukraine conflict and Great Reset are at odds or coordinated? And who would those coordinators be? The US strategy of weakening Russia could be used against the US, if the purpose of a third player was to run the US out of money, ammunition and weapons, using Russia as a proxy. The vaccine mandates have also resulted in fewer US military personnel from expulsion for refusal to get the shot or from death or disability among the rest. In the same way that Churchill enabled WWII so that Germany and Russia would bleed each other dry, is there another power that wants NATO and Russia to do the same? And who? The City of London? Davos? China? The Deep State? Or do all these roads ultimately lead to Rothschilds?"


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Arnaud Bertrand translation of key points of French article.

Emmanuel Todd, one of the greatest French intellectuals today, claims that the "Third World War has started."

Arnaud Bertrand @RnaudBertrand


He says "it's obvious that the conflict, started as a limited territorial war and escalating to a global economic confrontation, between the whole of the West on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand, has become a world war."

He believes that "Putin made a big mistake early on, which is [that] on the eve of the war [everyone saw Ukraine] not as a fledgling democracy, but as a society in decay and a “failed state” in the making. [...] I think the Kremlin's calculation was that this decaying society...

... would crumble at the first shock. But what we have discovered, on the contrary, is that a society in decomposition, if it is fed by external financial and military resources, can find in war a new type of balance, and even a horizon, a hope."

He says he agrees with Mearsheimer's analysis of the conflict: "Mearsheimer tells us that Ukraine, whose army had been overtaken by NATO soldiers (American, British and Polish) since at least 2014, was therefore a de facto member of the NATO, and that the Russians had...

... announced that they would never tolerate Ukraine in NATO. From their point of view, the Russians are therefore in a war that is defensive and preventive. Mearsheimer added that we would have no reason to rejoice in the eventual difficulties of the Russians because...

...since this is an existential question for them, the harder it would be, the harder they would strike. The analysis seems to hold true."

He however has some criticism for Mearsheimer:

"Mearsheimer, like a good American, overestimates his country. He considers that, if for the Russians the war in Ukraine is existential, for the Americans it is basically only one 'game' of power among others. After Vietnam...

...Iraq and Afghanistan, what's one more debacle? The basic axiom of American geopolitics is: 'We can do whatever we want because we are sheltered, far away, between two oceans, nothing will ever happen to us'. Nothing would be existential for America.

Insufficient analysis which today leads Biden to proceed mindlessly. America is fragile. The resistance of the Russian economy is pushing the American imperial system towards the precipice. No one had expected that the Russian economy would hold up against the 'economic power'...

...of NATO. I believe that the Russians themselves did not anticipate it.

If the Russian economy resisted the sanctions indefinitely and managed to exhaust the European economy, while it itself remained, backed by China, American monetary and financial controls of the world...

...would collapse, and with them the possibility for United States to fund their huge trade deficit for nothing. This war has therefore become existential for the United States. No more than Russia, they cannot withdraw from the conflict, they cannot let go. This is why we...

... are now in an endless war, in a confrontation whose outcome must be the collapse of one or the other."

He firmly believes the US is in decline but sees it as bad news for the autonomy of vassal states:

"I have just read a book by S. Jaishankar, Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs (The India Way), published just before the war, who sees American weakness, who knows that the...

...confrontation between China and the US will have no winner but will give space to a country like India, and to many others. I add: but not to Europeans. Everywhere we see the weakening of the US, but not in Europe and Japan because one of the effects of the retraction of...

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Thanks for your good reporting and writing, Aaron.

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I (re-)subscribed. Thanks, Aaron. Given the overwhelming flood of pro-war propaganda emanating from the DC neocons and their minions in Europe, and the complete subservience of the main stream press to their dictates, it is vitally important that independent journalists like yourself continue to expose the lies and shine light on what has really been going on. And of course, the Ukraine war that they intentionally provoked is just part of a broader historical context of U.S. imperialism. Proxy wars are just the most recent manifestation of the broader agenda to subjugate all nations to the Imperial mandate - bow to U.S. petrodollar hegemony or else suffer continual warfare until they do.

Even the so-called 'allies' are merely vassal states.. enjoying a slightly less harsh treatment, and rewards to the oligarchs who will keep them subservient. Washington will allow those so allied to keep some semblance of independence and self-governance, though they will not escape the privations and instabilities that continual war spending, and blowback from these wars, will produce.

Some thinkers write that this is likely the end of NATO. Possibly, but I can't build up too much hope at least not at the immediate time. But it should be clear, from Washington's desperate moves- including its willingness to increase national debt to unsustainable levels - that the Empire's managers are themselves seeing the possible end of their reign over the Earth.

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I understand that this term is used over and over -- but I maintain that what differences existed (and the neocons ALSO want the private sector to control the economy) have been eclipsed as all have been coopted by the M-I-C, the media, the political parties. Look at our policies: where is the dissent against war? Nowhere to be seen outside a handful of people courageous enough to SAY "enough." The differences have been erased by money for whatever purposes these people need money -- keep a newspaper afloat? a tv station? fill a campaign coffer? pay for "embedding with the troops"? This is not just an American phenomenon, it is in Europe as well -- take a look at the Greens in Europe. As I say, Green and Peace are oxymorons.

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I am so sick of hearing how we have to murder hundreds of thousands of people on the other side of the world (in proxy wars) so "we" don't have to die ourselves." I could certainly forgive the rest of the world for thinking perhaps the time has come for OUR side of the world to start falling under the bombs we are so generous with when the goal is killing off others. We of the "collective west" are nothing but Murder, Inc. and Dialing for Bombs. I used to be a great patriot, rah-rah nationalist. But 30 years of war proves the inanity of that proposition. Our government cares as much about us as it does about those people we're gunning for. Not at all.

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