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Glad to see you on Substack. I love independent journalism and writers with integrity. It would have been so much easier for you during the Mueller fever to join with it. But you didn’t. You held them to account - to actually provide evidence justifying the predicate for the investigation. And of course the report ultimately admitted they never had it. What a sham.

I’m probably the thousandth person to complain about this but Substack really needs a buffet option. These subscriptions are adding up but happy make room for you.

So what did they have against Kilimnik? Allegations with no actual proof. He denies the allegations and tries to the extent he can to prove the negative. In a sane world, everyone would say - OK DOJ/FBI/Treasury (???) it’s back on you. Put up your evidence or shut up. The media would then skewer them for making allegations without proof. But we know we don’t live in a sane world. In the absurd state of US journalism, one evidence free line in a Dept of Treasury (???) report is treated as proof.

This is not a defense of Kilimnik. I have no idea if he is guilty of anything. It’s a defense of due process and basic fairness. Using the awesome power of the US govt to slime someone with innuendo and then not back it up is disgusting. That should be true of Kilimnik or anyone else.

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Aaron, I just wanted to thank you for your journalism.

I first discovered you from Useful Idiots, where I found your candor really appealing. Since then, I've followed your OPCW / Syria work (and relished in those twitter smackdowns -- god damn) and more recently, your comments on the current happenings in Israel. I actually watched Discordia the other day, which was a real blast from the past.

Thrilled to be able to support your work directly. I feel like I'm starting to cultivate a cadre of journalists who I can trust to at least be open about their biases / to be biased in a way that I can predict and feel comfortable with.

I would love to read your thoughts about potential long-term solutions for the Israel/Palestine conflict. I'm not Jewish but my partner is, and she's an ardent supporter of Israel. We watched your interview with Gabor together and I think she was able to take quite a bit away from it, but I think both of us would be curious about your thoughts on how to actually move forward from here.

Either way, looking forward to your writing!

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Glad to subscribe to your newsletter. Following you for a while on Grayzone and Jimmy Dore. Excellent work!

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Thanks Best $5 Dollars I ever spent

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Hey Aaron, I just caught the news you were here on TJDS. Good to know. I've passed this bit of info onto several journalist friends already, perhaps you are already aware, but if not, here ya go.


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Hi Aaron, I just joined right now as a founding member because I was so enraged at the ugly way in which the fools at Young Turks treated you. Please keep up the good work. I also want you to know that because of you I got introduced to Gabor and Daniel Mate. Don't take this the wrong way but I really do like them more than I like you :-) Haha. Their "Hello Again" series on Youtube is simply invaluble.

Stay strong. Keep your Chomskyan style of not being too bothered by hacks attacking you.


Rameez Rahman

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Thank you for all your work Aaron, you're a boss.

I would just like to add something to the overall Russiagate picture: the key role of British intelligence in not only Russiagate, but another notorious "dossier." THE WHOLE Russiagate story was launched with the dirty dossier created by a "retired" British MI6 agent, Christopher Steele. Saying "retired" MI6 agent is already very misleading, intentionally so. We're supposed to believe that a "retired" MI6 agent who is now a regular "civilian" just didn't like Trump so he decided to launch a campaign to take down a sitting US president? That's a completely misleading narrative. But even further, Christopher Steele was the protege of Sir Richard Dearlove. Dearlove was at the head of MI6 when guess what, ANOTHER dossier came out, which also fundamentally changed the strategic situation and direction of not only the USA, but the entire world. The WMD "dodgy dossier" formed the basis for the narrative to launch the Iraq war. This was also under the supervision of Sir Richard Dearlove.

So you have the top British spy agency and spies behind both dossiers which fundamentally changed the course of the US political system. Both were completely based on lies, but both played decisive roles for the launching of the Iraq war and Russia gate. It's not just a coincidence. This is just a shadow of the larger intelligence apparatus, The Fives Eyes. That's also why we saw the Australian intelligence services play an important role in the Russiagate fraud with the whole George Papadopoulos story.

It would be a mistake to say that things like the Iraq war or the more recent Russia gate were launched or largely created by the American intelligence establishment. There is another level there. It's seems to be something that even many of the more daring journalists are hesitant to really cover in depth. However, the City of London is many ways the mother of all financial centers, Wall Street largely just being an extension of that old oligarchical system which has been around for centuries.

Journalist Mathew Ehret has done some really good work on this stuff over at the Strategic Culture Foundation.

To quote his article entitled "American Shadow Creatures Exposed: But Will the Empire Still Win the Day?":

"The fact that the blatant lies were compiled on the DNC/Clinton dime by British intelligence and then distributed to leading FBI-connected media mouthpieces like the NY Times, Mother Jones, Washington Post and Buzzfeed was not a coincidence and neither was the role of Steele’s former boss Richard Dearlove who also acts as advisor to Steele’s Orbis enterprise.

While running MI6, Sir Dearlove not only gave the world the dodgy “yellowcake” dossier in 2002 which justified the destruction of Iraq but was the figure who advised Steele to give the dossier to the UK government in the Autumn of 2016 and then send it to officials in the USA. It was in this manner that the dossier made its way into the hands of James Comey and James Clapper who leaked it’s existence via a memo to the National Endowment of Democracy’s David Kramer and Buzzfeed."




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Bravo Aaron !!

Your dad statements were deeply moving -- a noble man and a pride to Jewish people and all of humans on Earth (I loved his cat appearance also)

LIVE with Roger Waters and Gabor Maté, on Israel/Palestine, Gaza war, much more...


PS: Why exactly such irrational hatred of Persia - which is even not an Arab country? On behalf of Sunny Saudi royal/crime families or of apartheid Israeli “democracy”?

See the May 21 – deeply moving, really soon to be recognized as a legendary discussion by "leading anti-Semites" -- Dr. Gabor Mate, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate and Roger Waters. The "land without people for people without land" is a brutal colonial settler apartheid country since day one of 70+ years ago... The unimaginable oppression and terror there is the central issue of our time.

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A detailed, thorough, and informative article. Aaron Mate shows a deep and nuanced understanding of US-Russian relations.

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Hey Aaron, so pleased to see you join Substack. Please consider giving your platform a better name than "Aaron Mate's Newsletter".

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Nice to find you on substack. Truth telling in journalism has become a rare and precious resource.

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New subscriber to you here, Aaron. Wonderful, WONDERFUL to see you here on Substack!

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