In adopting "Success is confrontation" as a credo toward Russia, NATO states have invited catastrophe and undermined Ukrainian voices for peace.
A series of leaks, including a call for diplomacy from Gen. Mark Milley, show that some US officials are ready for a settlement in Ukraine.
Retracting their call for diplomacy with Russia to end the Ukraine war, Congressional Progressives cave to the neocons.
While privately conceding that its ally Ukraine is not "capable of winning the war," the Biden administration keeps fueling it.
While President Biden claims that he's pondering an "off-ramp" for Russia, the bombings of the Kerch Strait bridge and Nord Stream pipelines show an…
Without the now-exploded Nord Stream gas pipelines, Europeans fear “a winter of de-industrialization.” As US planners have long sought, the White House…
A US official rejects Putin’s claim that NATO sabotaged a "peaceful settlement" with Ukraine early in the war. Whatever happened then, it is not too…
With diplomacy thwarted, the US and its allies plan for “open-ended” military and economic warfare against Russia -- despite acknowledging that "the…
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